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Robes and Towels at Doggie Pee Pads

T. Bumpkins & Co. robes and matching towel were designed not just to be cute but to be comfy as well as practical.  They are made from very soft organic cotton that contains a hemp component.  This material is highly absorbent and is great to reduce drying time after a bath.  The robes keep your little baby warm and comfy.  There are only two versions of the robe - one for boys which is very plain and simple.  For the girls, we've added a little touch of lace for a feminine touch.

The matching towel measures approximately 20" x 30".
Dog in Boy Robe Dog in Girl Robe

Robes for Boys
Boy Robe for Dogs


Robes for Girls
Girls Robe for Dogs


Organic Cotton Towel
Organic Cotton Towel for Dogs
$18.99 each

               Sizing Table for Boy and Girl Robes
X-Small Length 6½-9"  Girth 11-13"
Small Length 9-11"  Girth 13-15½"
Medium Length 11-13½"  Girth 15½-17½"
Large Length 13½-16"  Girth 18-20"
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