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Training your puppy or dog to eliminate on the washable pee pad is no different than training on paper or on disposable pee pads.  Puppies naturally prefer to pee "on" something such as paper or absorbent material.  Positively reinforcing your dog to eliminate on the washable Doggie Pee Pad will help him to know that this is the preferred place.

We were able to train our two adult Yorkies to go on the washable pee pads with little effort.  They were already used to going in a litter box but had never used pee pads of any kind prior to our washable Doggie Pee Pads.  We used positive reinforcement with encourageing tone of voice and food treat rewards to show them that this was the new bathroom spot.  Within a couple of days, with positive reinforcement and consistency from us, our adult dogs took to the washable doggie pee pads right away.  Our puppy also caught on pretty quickly to the washable pee pads.  We used the same encouragement and reward system and slowly but surely he became more and more reliable.  Just like any puppy, we had to show patience with him and show him how happy we were when he went where we wanted him to go.

We recommend incorporating the common potty training guidelines found in many puppy care books or those techniques learned at "puppy kindergarten" classes to train your puppy to use the washable puppy pads.  And if you have an adult dog who already uses disposable pee pads, the transition over to our washable pee pads will likely be a quick process.  You may find that your dog likes the feel of our soft cotton far better than the plastic pee pads.  We know our dogs love the feel of the cotton on their little paws.

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