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Affiliate Program

T. Bumpkins & Co. welcomes your interest in joining our affiliate program now and the opportunity to earn 15% of sales on our site! We desire association with pet-related businesses, dog owners with websites, hobbyists and keepers of small animals, and others who may share our common interest in the dog retail business realm. We are especially seeking affiliations with reputable breeders of small dogs, pet sitters, dog walkers, dog daycare centers, dog trainers, and dog rescue groups. We also welcome interest from pet bloggers or pet forum owners.

Program Rewards for Our Approved Affiliates

T. Bumpkins & Co. offers a generous affiliate program for those who promote our products and direct business to us. For every shopper who comes to our website via a link to our site from our affiliate's page, we will pay 15% of the gross sale for any purchase made on our website. In addition we provide you with several banners and/or button choices with the HTML code to add them easily to your web page. Payments to you are made via paypal. It is free and easy to set up a paypal account. We do not issue checks to our affiliates as we are able to provide payment securely and quickly through our third party merchant Paypal. We will provide payment to our affiliates once monthly at the close of our accountings for that month, or when your rewards exceed $25.00.

Terms of our Affiliate Program

T. Bumpkins & Co. is selective in its affiliate program. Upon our approval to participate in our affiliate program, we will send affiliate information to you. Our affiliate program is intended to be mutually beneficial to our company and to our affiliates. By recommending and promoting products found at T. Bumpkins & Co. you will be indirectly generating additional revenue to your own business or earning some extra income if you are an individual who is interested in our products.

We look forward to establishing an affiliation with you so that you may assist us to bring the T. Bumpkins & Co. products to the global marketplace and so that we may reward you for your efforts.

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