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About T. Bumpkins & Co.

T. Bumpkins himself! T. Bumpkins & Co. was created to solve a practical problem in our home. Teddy Bumpkins, a Yorkshire Terrier who is the namesake of our company, entered our lives and turned them upside down. We are a Yorkie family, and our other two adult Yorkies were trained to use a dog litter box system. Well, T. Bumpkins did not take a liking to this system at all. He ate the pellets and did not like to step on them. To solve the problem we consulted with our long time dog trainer and despite our efforts to resolve these issues we heeded her advice and looked for something else.

We refused to use disposable pee pads as a long term solution. Not only are they costly and just contribute to our planet's overcrowded landfills, but they also were ripped to shreds by T. Bumpkins, who like most puppies, had the time of his life making the mess. Aside from those problems, we worried that T. Bumpkins might ingest and choke on the plastic. We also disliked the unsightly look of a clean blue and white plastic pee pad in our home, not to mention how we felt about a soiled one.

We looked for other solutions. We purchased boxes that contained fake grass that claimed to be washable and durable, yet the grass fell apart when hand washed. They also were not machine washable. We thought about a patch of slow growing real grass to use inside our home inside a box until we learned we'd have to purchase large scissors to cut the lawn. Thanks, but one lawn is enough!

Finally, a friend told me about pads she used for her dogs. The idea was good and they were practical, but we were not satisfied with the mismatched sizing of those pads nor the craftsmanship. We decided to make our own -- for T. Bumpkins...and his Company, our other two Yorkies.

We are now pleased to bring our solutions from our home to yours. We love our finished product and know that you will too. The product will withstand many machine washings and over the lifetime of the products, will save you money. You will also feel good about the eco-friendly nature of our products, the natural fabrics we offer, and the fact that you are contributing to a cleaner, less cluttered planet earth.